Sunday, 15 November 2015

Vegan Shopping - Manchester Superstore, Bolton.

That first vegan shopping I bought lasted two weeks instead of one! I still have a couple of canned items left, and I had to top up with some things, like bananas and tinned tomatoes, but I'm pretty impressed. Today I went to Manchester Superstore and here's what I bought.

It doesn't look like much fruit and veg compared to last time. I'm almost certainly going to have to buy more soon. Four pomegranates for a quid seemed like a good bargain though. I don't generally eat pomegranates but I'm sure they're very good for me. I'm pretty sure those squiggly things are Jerusalem artichokes. At least I hope they are. There were loads of other things there that looked very similar. I have tried Jerusalem artichokes before, but not since I was a child and I can't remember what they tasted like or whether I liked them, and I've never cooked with them, so that's another new thing for me. Lemons at five for a quid are a blessing! I've never been through so many lemons in my life before. Ooh and chestnuts!! YUM!

Lots of chickpeas this week! I want to play about with hummus and falafel. The coconut oil was a big expense - about a fiver! That pained me. I hope it lasts a long time. If not I'll have to find a cheaper source or just use the cheap stuff. They only had one brand of canned coconut milk and it was RUBBISH! It was something like 35% coconut and sloshed about most excessively. I need to get back to Sainsburys very soon. This is very disappointing to me. 

 Nuts are expensive! This is another thing I'm going to have to shop around for. I need a lot of nuts. I've got barley and some soy mince, and the popping corn probably isn't all that good for me, but it's gonna be a great comfort food. I am really missing sweet, crunchy, crispy snacks. Like a Double Decker, or biscuits that don't have cream in the middle. 

Manchester Superstore is very good for vegan snacks. This is probably not a good thing in the long term, but for now I'm running with it. I don't often have time to stop for lunch and have to eat on the go. I need to keep my energy up, especially while I'm cutting down the caffeine. There wasn't much choice of nut milks, so I just grabbed the one I know goes well with porridge. Oh.... and sesame oil ..... I need big flavours in my life right now. Vegan will get bland and boring very quickly unless I start paying better attention to flavours and aromas and tastes and textures. 

This little lot cost me £40. FORTY QUID?! Ouch! This place is good to pick up unusual items, but it's probably not the best place for a main shop. Although to be fair, the coconut oil and the nuts were probably over a tenner on their own. The array of exotic fruit and vegetables was impressive, but I worry about the air miles involved. I'd like to find some more locally produced food next time. 


  1. The coconut oil will last! I bought a tub that size and I use it for cooking, hair, and skin. Lasted months!

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  6. Does anyone have the address as had to go other side of Manchester to visit a vegan shop. Bolton is nearer for me