Monday, 2 November 2015

I'm A Meatoholic

Today I have been craving everything I've given up. Steak, liver, bacon, paté, lamb chops, cheese, steak, milk, flaky butter pastries, ice-cream, sausage rolls, cheese pie, ox-tongue, chocolate bars, steak, cake.... My stream of consciousness has been a never-ending conveyor-belt of non-vegan food. And it has involved blood. Lots of blood. I swear at one point I was watching some folk crossing over a zebra crossing in front of me, and I was sizing up their thighs thinking about which one would make the best roast. it's been bad. 

I had a strategy to start the day with a proper breakfast - something I haven't done since probably Christmas last year when I stayed at my mum and dad's. I thought it would help if I was full so I had a bowl of porridge made with the nut milk. I just felt sick for a couple of hours. And even while I felt sick I was still dreaming about chopping people's arms off and eating them. 

It's been a hard day as far as trying to be vegan goes. I feel like a proper addict. 

So I popped in to Tescos on my way home, bought some vegan sunflower spread, a tub of Bisto and 6 Linda McCartney vegan sausages. I needed to eat a meal that doesn't scream 'DIET CHANGE' at me. I cooked it up as soon as I got in. I didn't care that it was only 3 O' Clock. I needed a meat meal, even if it WAS fake meat. 

Oh my goodness that meal was good! Such a comfort! And such a relief! Although I don't know why? .... I haven't actually had any meat, obviously, but I feel much less needy of it than I did earlier in the day. I might need some more of these 'substitute' foods while I get used to this. Before I do somebody an injury.

Bangers, Mash, Cabbage, Onion Gravy. BANG ON!


  1. Have you thought about making small changes at a time. It would still help diet wise, but be less of a mental battle. Eg start cutting out just meat to begin with, find sustainable and enjoyable alternatives, then move onto slowly cutting out animal based products? Might help.

    1. I think I'm too far in for that now Claire as I'd feel like I was going backwards. I think I'll be fine with more meat substitutes. I didn't buy any this week, which was a silly oversight.

  2. Your doing fantastic, Falafal mix is good,- mix with water - you can get it in Asian super markets, with vegan mayonnaise fom sainburys or morrisons, with toms and lettuce. Fry small blobs ( 2inch blob ) do you like my technical terms ? in olive oil, I make them flat as they seem to cook better. Toast 3 pitta breads, and by Doris Day you have a fine lunch. I find mushrooms very fleshy, the big flat ones, fried in olive oil and garlic and onions uuuuuuuuuummmmm

    1. Sounds good! I'll stick that on my 'to try' list then! :)

  3. I have eaten persimmons throughout my life since childhood but I don't like it much as the taste is so strong. but still its worth a try.

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