Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Getting my knit on.

Okifolki shop is currently closed for business while I have a big re-think. In the meantime I'm free to make whatever I feel like making, without a care in the world about sales or target markets or other such restrictive thoughts. Phew! What a breath of fresh air! Can't wait to get stuck in! 

Meanwhile, my grandson's "blankie" fell to pieces. This is the second time it's happened. And so there was emergency knitting in progress over here for the past week or two. The yarn from his old original blanket is more like threadbare dish cotton these days... after carefully unpicking and re-knitting it, I had to bolster it up with some new stuff, 

...intermingled with a few bits of the new-old yarn from the first remake.

Thankfully, my grandson approves! 

He loves the new, soft yarn and enjoys pointing out the bits of new blanket and the bits of old. 

And he loved posing with it! Haha! 

It's been yonks since I did any knitting, but this unexpected foray has given me a bit of the bug again. I've decided to have a stab at some free-form knitting next. Never tried it before. No idea what will happen. Game on.

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  1. Your knitting skillls are on point, i like the way you manage to play around with different colors which are kinda look similar tyo each other. Thanks for sharing your artistic skills here.