Friday, 9 August 2013

The Butterflies

Fairy from The Spiderwick Chronicles

First I was ill and had to go to hospital. I made it out just in time to get to my first camp but having been ill beforehand I was totally unprepared and whilst I enjoyed the camp, it was a total flop from a business point of view. After that, I suffered a major confidence crisis. Probably because I had done so badly at something upon which I had pinned such high hopes. Then.....well who knows..... I think I must have been taken by the fairies at some point after that. I can't really remember much about it. I certainly wasn't working. I know that much.

Peacock butterfly on the bin

Then yesterday I went out into my garden as I usually do every day. But yesterday was very different. I found myself surrounded by a plethora of butterflies. They were everywhere! Dozens of them! It was like that scene from The Spiderwick Chronicles where they get taken away by the fairies. They were fluttering all around me. It was staggering. They were landing on me, flying into my face, and one even landed on the dog's head. I'm struggling to describe how strange and exciting it was. I will say this: I have never seen so many butterflies in one place and time. 

Another peacock on the buddleia

So of course I got to thinking about butterflies. What do you call such a group of butterflies anyway? I looked it up. Apparently 'swarm', 'rabble' and 'flight' are the accepted collective nouns. None of these really fits my experience of yesterday. On one of those 'esoteric' 'web forums' (in this case, a wildlife forum) I read the butterfly-geeks' suggestions: a flutter, or flutterby (naturally...), a kaleidoscope... I think what I experienced yesterday was a whizzyjig of butterflies. That'll do for me. 

Small tortoiseshell

I emailed the Big Butterfly Count people to tell them that I encountered so many butterflies that it was impossible to count them. I did do a proper count last week, so I didn't feel too badly about that. 

Those eyes

Later in the evening I did find myself re-inspired with the joy of paper art. Not surprising when you consider that butterflies are creatures of creative inspiration. This was a joy to me. And a relief. Butterflies are also creatures of transformation. Who knows? Perhaps it was the butterflies who brought me back from the land of the fairies. I definitely feel a re-connection with my Okifolki work again now. Thank goodness. 

The bottom line is....I'm back again. Oh hello mojo!

(Numbers had dwindled considerably by the time I made this video, but there were still plenty around to be seen.)

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