Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rainbow Coloured Pencils Storage

Artist Julio Radesca designed this beautiful and ingenius 'interactive display case' for coloured pencils named 'Lambda' after the Greek letter used to denote wavelength.

The 500 pencils are held together in pairs connected by plastic tubes and all the pairs are held together by two nylon threads attached to both ceiling and floor.

With just a light touch, the whole structure is sent into a series of balletic wave movements. Positioned next to a desk, the pencils are easily within reach.

This is more beautiful than any pencil box I've ever seen. 

It certainly beats the old recycled food cans that I use! How do you store yours? 


  1. makes me want to go out and buy 500 coloured pencils! is it easy to get the pencils in and out of the plastic tubes? Or is this more of an art piece rather than a practical piece?

    1. lol - Makes me want to go out and buy 500 coloured pencils too!! I have no idea how easy getting them in and out is - I guess it would depend on the thickness of each? I'm not sure I'd mind too much even if they were permanently attached, it's that beautiful. I'd so love to try this for myself.